The Benefits And Side Effects Of Masturbation

The Benefits And Side Effects Of Masturbation

Masturbation is something most, if not all people in the world do. It allows you to do many things which are pretty awesome. Masturbation lets you explore your own body and obtain pleasure from it. You also get to get rid of any sexual tension and stress. Best of all, you get sexual gratification with your own hands. Playing with one self happens no matter your race, gender or background. Still, there are many myths about how harmful masturbating can be. The reality is that there are numerous benefits and side effects to masturbation.

Although no real physical damaging side effects from masturbation have been found, there are a few things to keep in mind. Anything done in excess can have a negative impact one way or the other. Some people may experience guilt after playing with themselves. Others are chronic masturbators and may spend a great deal of time viewing pornography to help them do so. The one negative side effect is the feeling of shame and guilt after doing it. The guilty feelings may be due to a person’s religious, cultural or spiritual beliefs.

The one area where masturbating can negatively impact your life is when you become addicted to it. Being addicted to playing with yourself can cause several problems in your life. For one, if you are in a relationship, it can become an issue. Instead of finding sexual release or intimacy with your partner, you get more from masturbating on your own. Too much masturbation can make a person tired. In turn, they may miss school, work, or other social events. It can also lead to one cancelling any social plans or skipping out on your daily rituals or chores.

One of the positive sides of sexually self-playing is the doors it opens. There are some women who experience a form of sexual dysfunction. They may have problems with feeling arousal or desire for sex. By stimulating themselves, it can boost their sensitivity and desire for sex. Several researches done on the matter show that both men and women can benefit from using a vibrator. It shows that when they used it, their sexual functions, arousal and desire increased. Men achieved higher erectile functions while women demonstrated higher degree of lubrication.

The sensitivity factor can be an issue for men to think about when it comes to playing with themselves though. When they grip on their penis too tight while masturbating, the sensation can diminish. Sex professionals recommend that men try changing the way they masturbate. Doing so will let them gain more sensitivity and their levels of arousal during sex will also grow.

Other benefits of masturbating are letting you sleep better at night. You can also relive stress and get rid of any sexual tension. A person can obtain better understanding of their desires and needs. Plus, masturbating will help you relax, relieve cramps and be in better moods. The risk for prostate cancer is said to be lowered for those who ejaculate regularly.

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