Finding a Ladyboy to Date in Hong Kong

Finding a Ladyboy to Date in Hong Kong

When it comes to broaching the subject of LB in Hong Kong, there’s one thing that makes this city unique – the sheer number of ladyboys here. This community is anything but marginal. Many of them live here; others come to take part in LB cabaret.

A lot of foreigners want to date Hong Kong ladyboys. Sometimes it’s their reason for coming to Hong Kong. There are all kinds of events Hong Kong ladyboys like coming to, most of which involve the LGBT community in general. The website is non-promotional and has an updated list of LGBT events in the city, the Queer Power Panel being the most recent one. Such events can be a nice occasion to meet a trans woman to date and eventually enjoy a relationship with. At cabaret performances, there are lots of LB in the audience as well as on stage.

There is a drag brunch at a place called Lily & Bloom’s every Sunday if that is your preference. You can also go see Zoo Bar’s LB cabaret. This is a more conventional trans bar.

Some foreigners turn to less than savory means as the fastest and most discreet way to find ladyboys. However, we recommend regular dating sites as a way of meeting more genuine and honest trans people. Local ads feature profiles of real people who have listed information about themselves and what relationship they’re looking for. This way of meeting and dating ladyboys in Hong Kong is also very private and discrete. Moreover, it is quite fast. If all you’re doing is going to physical venues in the hope of meeting someone, it might take weeks. We’re not saying you shouldn’t go. The venues trans people gather at feature exciting performances, great music, good drinks, and food. You’ll enjoy yourself. We only recommend supplementing that with online dating sites, where you can talk to local ladyboys and eventually arrange a meeting face to face.

You can see what real Hong Kong ladyboys are like at transgender events and cabarets. The transgender brunch is a unique phenomenon, even in Asia. It is always good to have options and you will be able to find the right one with many ways to meet LB in this city. With that in mind, the majority of trans women you’ll see in Hong Kong are from Thailand or the Philippines. Some are local. A small number are from China.

The LGBT scene in this city is its most remarkable aspect when it comes to the local trans community. Drag shows are not quite typical of Asia. Here, they show the community is alive and well.

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