Things That Decrease Interest In Sex For Men & Women

Things That Decrease Interest In Sex For Men & Women

Sex and how often a person should have it is an issue often debated. Some sex experts put a certain number while others have their own opinion. Regardless of which one may be right, not having enough to any sex at all can be problematic. Lack of libido in both men and women can be attributed to certain factors. There are millions of people all over the world who are not having sexual intercourse as often as they would like. Or as often as they should be having it. Part of the reason for not having sex frequently is because of lack of interest. This can occur to single individuals or even couples living together. Overall, there are several things which can decrease a person’s interest in sex. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. Both can experience an unwillingness or desire to do it.

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, being really tired is one of the biggest reasons for not wanting to have sex. Most people have hectic lifestyles and work all day. Perhaps a stay-at-home person has to deal with the rituals of taking care of the kids and home. Whatever the reason may be, if you are too tired, chances are you will not want to have sex. Lack of sleep can be another reason of not only being tired, but having a low libido. Studies have found that those who don’t sleep well experience a negative sex drive effect.

Being stressed out is also among the top culprits for decreased libido. Pressure at work or in your personal life leads to high cortisol. In turn, that causes your testosterone levels to be suppressed and lower. Research found that cortisol is a mood killer and leads to finding sex, uninteresting. Keep in mind that for men, low testosterone is very important. The majority of it is produced in the testicles. Although men and women will normally have lower testosterone levels as they get older, they can do certain things to increase it.

A person’s hormones who are imbalanced or out of whack will cause low sex drive. For women, it can be due to taking birth control pills or other medication. Depression is also another reason many people experience a low interest in sex. In fact, being depressed leads to a person not being interested in many parts of their lives. The mental health of a person can play a huge role in how much they may want to be intimate with others. Not exercising, doing yoga or running can be a sex drive killer. People who work out often have higher amounts of endorphins. That leads to happiness and more desire to have sex. Also, a person’s energy level increases dramatically when they work out regularly.

Other things to consider for low libido are not eating well and chronic illness. Also, being dehydrated or not enjoying sex with your present partner can be a crucial factor.

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